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Rocker Switch
Mobile phone connector
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Greetech G9A Series Waterproof Micro Switch Release

With the advent of the new energy era, the demand for micro switches in the emerging electric vehicle industry for the charging gun industry is gradually increasing, and the requirements for switches are also increasing. In response to market demands and requirements, Huizhou Greetech Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed a micro switch with a large stroke size, precise switching position and IP67 protection level, such as G9A series micro switch.

This is a safe product that meets customer needs. This series of micro switches has passed UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) and ENEC (European Norms Electrical Certification). Whether it is the US public safety test or the European safety certification, the G9A series of micro switches can meet their safety standards.

sealed waterproof micro switch.jpg

G9A series micro-switches are small and easy to install, and become an indispensable part of many electronic products, especially the automotive electric charging gun industry. The series of micro-switches are mainly developed to meet the needs of customers for the electric vehicle charging gun industry. Such a switch developed to meet market demand is deeply loved by customers and is now available in large quantities in the market.

micro switch certificate.png

The G9A series micro switch adopts a large stroke design with a maximum stroke of 3.7mm. Its waterproof function allows the G9A series of micro-switches to be used in rainy days, with protection levels up to IP67. G9A series products have developed a variety of terminals and handles. There are a variety of wire-line switches in the direction of the outlet. It uses a low-pressure injection molding process to make the switch waterproof performance more reliable and fully meet the needs of customers. The inside of the switch adopts the principle of lever conversion to maximize the switch stroke and the switch is more sensitive. This feature is one of the important reasons why this switch is deeply loved by customers.

sealed micro switch.png

Huizhou Guantai Electronics Co., Ltd. has made unremitting efforts for many years, and has formed a one-stop R&D and production system for product research and development, precision molds, precision injection molding, precision stamping, automation equipment research and development, and finished assembly testing. Welcome customers at home and abroad to call or email:



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